Todi was an Etruscan colony before it became a Roman colony. It still preserves a medieval atmosphere which is characterised by small churches and stern buildings. The beautiful countryside offers endless shades of green which, together with the historical, artistic and architectural wealth, make this city one of the most attractive of the region.

An ancient city with a vital energy which enchants visitors – captivating their intellect ...and their hearts.

A visit to the Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione shouldn't be missed. This is one of the most majestic Renaissance temples built according to plans by Bramante; the Temple of San Fortunato is home to the crypt of Jacopone of Todi; the city's theatre is a typical gem of nineteenth century architect and Piazza del Popolo has been the centre of the city since Roman times.

The underground ruins of a Roman Forum are here in the Piazza, including various Roman cisterns.