Charming hotel in Umbria

Umbria is so charming that it has attracted and inspired travellers and artists from all over the world from all eras and a charming area like this deserves a stay in a charming hotel. Relais Todini is a charming hotel in Umbria and it is located on the summit of a hill in a 14th Century manor house and it is surrounded by the vineyards of the 1000 hectare estate that belongs to the Todi family, from whom this period property takes its name.

Relais Todini, a charming hotel in Umbria, welcomes its guests into a world of history and art with the warmth of its antique and luxurious furnishings.

A charming hotel in Umbria where you can do many activities, such as cookery courses, which reveal the secrets of the great Umbrian gastronomic traditions during tasting sessions on the estate. You can also embark on exciting excursions on foot or by bike from the hotel, passing through the vineyards, olive groves, forests and artificial lakes, where you can see numerous species of animals.

Charm in Umbria also means staying in an hotel that has a lot to offer in terms of wellbeing, such as an internal health farm that is run by professionals who offer a wide range of massages and personalised treatments from Ayurveda to wine baths, and chromotherapy is also available in the Vinarium Suite.