Holidays in Perugia

Perugia is the most important touristic, cultural and artistic centre in Umbria and in Italy. Spending your holidays in Perugia, Italy, means immerging yourself into the history of an ancient city which, every year, attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors from all over the world.

The ancient walls, Fontana Maggiore from the 1200s, Etruscan archaeological areas and  Palazzo dei Priori are just some the thousands of attractions to see in this city which is rich in charm and appeal. Holidays in Perugia, Italy, are precious holidays because of the pleasure and relaxation they offer and these aspects can also be found at Relais Todini, the ideal base for a holiday in Perugia, Italy, as well as for all the other important places in Umbria.

Holidays in Perugia, Italy, are also holidays about the greenest and most luxuriant vegetation that Europe has to offer and this can be experienced to the full at Relais Todini, which sits on top of a hill inside a 14th Century manor house, surrounded by the vineyards of the 1000 hectare estate belonging to the Todi family, from whom the dwelling takes its name.

Holidays in Perugia, Italy, can offer you truly unforgettable moments which can be experienced with your partner, friends or even your family in a place that is perfect for everyone.